University centres

Pediatric Cardiologists within university centres provide care for children with cardiovascular problems from the antenatal period to adulthood. 

In university centres, there is a close collaboration between the obstetrics, neonatology, cardiac surgery, paediatric anaesthesia, paediatric intensive care and paediatrics teams to ensure optimal care. A full range of services are provided including:

  • Prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of congenital heart defects, acquired through echocardiography, CT and MRI
  • Neonatal and paediatric heart surgery
  • Ventricular assistance and heart transplantation
  • Diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterization
  • Diagnostic and interventional electrophysiology
  • Cardiogenetic consultation
  • Transitional consultation for adolescents to adult congenital cardiology
University Centres in Swizerland with Paediatric Cardiology Units: